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coming this fall on Fox/NBC/AMC: this ruggedly handsome white man is an asshole who treats everyone terribly but… there’s a twist… he’s Good at His JOB…

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The stone coat - details

Design: Me, Ýr Jóhannsdóttir

Photographer: Magnús Andersen

Stone: Sigrún Perla Gísladóttir


Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

Because some of y’all missed it and/or need ya blessins one mo time

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Picasso’s ceramics

Greg and me saw a few of these in Antibes this summer!

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lifehack: don’t sleep

today i learned how to 

  • rekey a pin and tumbler lock(5 pin, cap spring, tumbler springs, little plastic pushy thing to keep the pins loaded)
  • install a lock and deadbolt
  • use an angle grinder (cut 2 rebars out of the ground with it, sparks everywhere)
  • use a chop saw(built risers for a desk)
  • use a table saw and electric sander(cut a piece of wood for a shelf)
  • fix an extension cord(strip and rewire, neutral, hot, ground)
  • identify and treat bedbugs
  • practice conflict resolution

i also

  • learned how master keys work
  • felt up an oven
  • reset settings on 7 motion sensors
  • walked in on someone while they were pooping
  • had a bloody nose
  • played a game of pool

consistently more than 1 std dev above the avg but i’m still gonna get a b in this class

John Alcorn, 1970

John Alcorn, 1970

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