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i am power

my physics notes are getting increasingly sarcastic

Green Uniform, Makiko Kudo
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Green Uniform, Makiko Kudo

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 sick + deaf // still cuter + more talented than u


pre-med eecs majors? like is that a thing?

like i’m thinking an eecs major w/ a bioe minor + physics minor might be doable, but + a neuro minor is totally cray and over the top == not even remotely possible

nvm there is no mcb minor, just neurobiology would be really fucking cool

pre-med eecs majors? like is that a thing?

could not care less about coeachelle


Hands and Feet by Peter Judson

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you’re telling me that parks and rec has been going on and didn’t just end w/the ann +chris episode and i’ve just been not watching it

is this what you are telling me

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